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Our Mission at FPC Youth is to make disciples of students in our community (7-12th grade) and come alongside parents by providing for their students an environment that is welcoming, responsive and Jesus-Centered.

Rob Sindorf

Youth Director

New to the Branson area? Looking for friends or a place to hang out? Want to know more about Jesus? Come visit us at FPC and see what we're all about. Click below to find out what's happening.


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tiffany elliott

Women's Director

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What Makes You Happy?
Lots of things make us happy.  Straight A's, getting a gazillion likes on your latest Instagram post, a raise at work, becoming a "starter" on the team or getting a leading role in the school play... lots of things.  But in this series, we are discussing happiness and how, when you think about it, real happiness isn't really about a WHAT, but a WHO.

James Dodds

Men's Leader

[James 5:13-16]

If you'd like to receive prayer, just click the button below. Our staff and students will be praying for you all week. All requests can be made anonymously.

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Kendra Timm

Women's Leader